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Oyster clamp

NEW Oyster clamps

NEW Oyster clamps

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You also struggle or are afraid to open oysters because it is very difficult and slips out of your hands.
That's why the Oyster shucking clamp comes in handy it’s convenient and small design makes it easy and safe to open your oysters 
Our oyster shucking clamp is tested and reviewed by the starchef (Henk van Oudenhove). We made sure the quality was always the best and the price was reasonable.
We make sure our customers are always happy and receive a high-quality product. That's why our purpose is to make you guys happy and content. The oyster shuckling clamp is a must-have for this holiday.
Get yours now with free worldwide shipping!
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easy and quick use

The Oyster Shucking Clamp is easy and quick to use; just slide it against your kitchen table or any table, and you're ready to go.

Safety first!

We make sure your safety always comes first. That's why the oyster Shucking clamp is always the safest option. Just look how easy it is.

Why trust us?

  • High Quality

  • Fast Shipping

  • Proven from chef's


Is it kid-friendly?

Yes, the oyster shucking clamp is kid-friendly, but know that it's always your own responsibility for your kid's safety.

How long is shipping?

Shipping takes approximately 10–18 business days to arrive. Know that due to high demand, it may take a little longer.

Is it strong?

Yes! We can safely say that the oyster shucking clamp is made from strong wood and can take a beating.

How to use?

The oyster shucking clamp is very easy to use; just slide it against a table or kitchen table, put your oyster between the gap, and use your power against the clamp, and it will open easily.